AbundantX is here to serve you in building your abundant life. Whether you are wanting to start a new business, need help with an existing business, or wanting to expand your personal finances… We got you covered!

If you are wanting more specialized answers from the courses we offer, this is the place to get insight tailored to your exact situation and set you up for success.

Why was AbundantX Courses created?

We created our courses to give you the best tools and resources to help you achieve the life you have always dreamed of!

What is the cost of the course?

The Bundle of both the Personal Finance course and the Business course is $699.99 ($99.99 savings). Personal Finance course individually is $299.99, and the Business course is $499.99 on its own.

Who should I reach out to with any questions about the AbundantX courses?

Please reach out to support@abundantx.com.

Will I be able to communicate with others taking the courses?

Yes! You will be invited to join our exclusive Diskord channel to engage with everyone that is taking the course alongside you.

Are there refunds or money back guarantees?

Due to the nature of getting access to all of the tools and resources as soon as you sign up, we cannot offer any refunds.

Why AbundantX courses over any other finance or business course?

Besides the years of testing and research, we are the only courses that are priced based on how much money we could make you in deals! We are dedicated to bringing you the best opportunities.

What is Abundant Insight?

This is our exclusive weekly letter to our members that gives them the latest news and insight into deals that can help you practically achieve your dreams and goals!

What is the cost to become an Abundant Insight member?

Monthly membership is only $7.99 per month, which includes at least 4 exclusive Insight Letters. Some months you get a bonus Insight Letter for free!

Don’t see what you are looking for here?

Please contact us at support@abundantx.com